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HDPE Lotion Bottle
Lotion Bottle

Lotion Bottle: 250-5000ml; HDPE Good for industrial, laboratory, personal, hobby applications; Fully custom manufacturer. 

OEM Lotion Bottle, Container:
Wine bottle, drinking bottle, water bottle.
Our production lines include:
Large blow molded parts: L2.1m*W1.1m, Weight:6g-15kg.
Door panel; Bed board; Stretcher sheet; Basketballboard & basketballstand; Billboardstand;
UmbrellaBase; Roadcone; Guide board; Ice bucket;Billboard, Trafficsignage.
Buoyant float; Floating Bed; Sports bottle;Chemical tanks; Deformed pipe; Sainta Clause & Snowman;
Hunting decoys(duck,goose,deer); Wheelchair, Stroller; Plastic Christmas balls and kids toys; Lampshade;Foodcontainer; Oil can; Halloween Pumpkin; Blow molded seat; Traffic barrier, barricades and much more.